Using R on Ubuntu vs Windows




I have both Ubuntu and Windows OS installed on my system. I wanted to ask which OS would be better to use for R and what may be some advantages or disadvantages of using R in both these OSs.

Thank you.


I use RStudio on Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04, and I haven’t noticed any particular distinction between the two as far as usage is concerned. A tiny niggle on Windows is that when I use Search programs and files (my preferred way to open programs) to open RStudio, for some reason it doesn’t recognise the default working directory set in the global options; instead I have to go to the directory where the exe is and open it from there.

As for R, when you install using their repo in Linux, updates are taken care of automatically. So that may be an advantage.


i second that- i use ubuntu and like it fine. some GUI functionality works better in Windows and some packages work better in LInux

So the answer is which packages are you going to use more