Views on Executive Program on Data Mining & Analytics from IIT Roorkee & TalentEdge?



Hi Kunal,

I am planning to enroll for the following course from IIT Roorke.Is it worth the time and effort?


Why don’t you check out the course on Machine Learning from Prof Andrew Ng here

A degree from IIT Roorkee is certainly a great addition to the resume but if your focus is on learning you can check out the link.The course is from Stanford and the prof’s is one of the best known scientists in Machine Learning in the world!


@shuvayan, I think there is little overlap between the two.



A few things to keep in mind before I express my views:

There is no magic bullet yet to become good at analytics and certainly no single course fits every one. So, if you can provide more details on what are your expectations from this course? why you are looking to join this course? What alternates have you considered?

Until you provide these details, it is very difficult to provide helpful answer.

My views about the Executive program from IIT Roorkee:

I think every institution which has provided Executive education has evolved in this journey. Most of the institutes have evolved the courses a lot. Those who have not, have struggled to keep up with the needs of the courses. For example IIM Bangalore was the pioneer in offering this course, but is not the best course available today. Similarly other IIMs have tried various offerings, some evolved, some did not.

Similarly, IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi tried their hands at analytics courses, but ended up focusing on theoratical aspects, rather than practical ones. I think IIT Roorkee will go though a similar journey and it would be interesting to see how they evolve.

I think you should start by defining your objective - what do you want to achieve by end of the course? Are you looking to become a hands on data scientist? or you are eyeing a mid-management shift. Once you are clear of what you want, then you should look at the available options, their pros and cons. The approach you are taking right now looks to be exact opposite of this.

Hope my answer helps.