Want to move from BI to BA domain


Hi All,
I need a severe support and guidance from your side … Currently i have an work ex of 2yrs … initially at the start of my career i was hunting for Business analytics role job profile but couldnt make it ,now i am in BI domain that too in support profile… i wish to have my career in analytics … I saw from your website regarding some b-schools engaging analtyics courses … i contacted one of them but they might not provide placements assistance. I have an inclination to learn R, I need an idea about the market in India about R .
Can i persue well paid job in that or should i choose SAS… I had gone through the graphical comparison mentioned in you website but it was uptill 2013… Please help.


ANybodyyyy pls?? Also how should i start for business analyst job?



Your background has more relevant experience to shift to analytics domain. If you are looking for any certification program of Business Analytics, I would suggest you to look at some of the certifications aimed towards business executives. ISB, Great Lakes, MISB Bocconi can be good choices depending on where you are based. These courses are aimed towards business executives, give you a good overview of analytics and can help you get a managerial / consultant role.

Although, no course / certification on its own, can ensure that you get a job just because you have undergone that certification. You have to work hard outside the certification also. If the certification required you to complete 1 real life project, you should aim to finish more than 2 before you pass out.

I would strongly suggest to develop a portfolio of projects, you have worked on and share them on GitHub under your profile. Participate in data science competitions like Kaggle / AV Hackathons to gain more experience.

Hope this helps.



Sunil Thanks a ton ! It was really helpful and got an overview regarding the same. I need to know regarding the portfolio of project, do you mean to study case studies ?