Want to pursue good course in analytics among SP Jain , aegis , Insofe etc




I am a btech graduate (EC) and have 2.5 years of experience as software engineer . I have done a certification in JAVA too. I know php,java and mysql. Now I would like to shift my career to analytics. I have few options (list is incomplete because I am a fresher in this field).Also I can conside online / offline , full time / part time etc.All are acceptable.
Sp Jain , aegis , Insofe . Which One is good . I focus on the following parameters

  1. Quality of education (faculties and content )
  2. placements
    Also I can do online courses and study as much as possible. So I should get 8 to 10 lac after this course. Then which is best option for me (You can tell a college / course which is not in the list)
    Will I get 13- 15 lac per annum with in 2years


I am currently perusing an analytics certification. It is worth every penny… But here is the catch… you wont be able to handle the pace if you don’t have some background in data analysis.
if you are a beginner in data analytics I suggest go through all the moocs AV has suggested for maths and statistics. because developers can handle code and logic, but you might struggle with basics like hypothesis testing and matrix operations. So brush up on maths and learn all about distributions.
learn r and python and try a few case studies yourself before investing that much money into anything.
Moocs will get you going on the basics and if you still like analytics (it is all maths) join a certification course. Just see that they have a lot of case studies. Case studies will expose you to the real world scenarios in analytics in every industry.
On the money part I cant say much. Because I am a fresher myself (developer with 3.5 years of experience in web applications).
All the best!!


Thank you vartika_sinha. I will start from MOOC courses .Can you tell me from where you doing certification


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rather than focusing on the annual package, I think you should study hard and try to join the IIM, IIT and ISI combined analytics course. But my only advice is dont focus on money only, you will end up doing nothing just focus on concepts and basic of the analytics. You will get the money you require if you gain the required knowledge.