Warehouse Productivity Analysis - Approach


We are trying to solve a business problem as follows.

Problem Statement: To assign the task to a Employee based on his historical data who can complete the task quickly

Data Structure: Employee Name, Task Type, Item Id, Category, Product Volume, Product Quanitiy, TimeOfTheDay, DayofTheWeek, Source Location, Destination Location, Time Taken

Task here is Packing.

We are trying to build a model in R and struggling to find the right approach for this. Would be helpful if anyone can suggest a right approach?


Hi @krishnamreddy,

There are two types of approaches I would suggest

  • Make the task of packing as a regression task, where “Time Taken” would be the predictor variable and the rest can be features for prediction. Then after getting predictions of each employee, pick the employee who takes the least time. (Resource for regression)
  • Make this explicitly a ranking problem, where you would have to rank each employee based on the time he/she takes to complete. (Resource for ranking)

Hope it helps!