What are alternate course (sort of) for Upgrad's 11 month Data Science program that one can think of taking up

I have been exploring Data Science as a career option for quite some time and have learnt quite a few things, thanks to free online resources. But to get industry level hands on experience in approaching problems and implementing solutions seems like a stretch and have been meaning to get into some programs that can help me with this. I found Upgrad’s Data science program to be at par but this is expensive for me and also 11 months seemed like a little long, although i am sure it must be worth it. But are there any alternatives which can come close to this program but are not heavy on pocket.


Almost all of the DS program cost money and time that much time to complete.
To name few…

  1. BABI program in Great Lakes (1 year)
  2. ISB program
  3. ISOFE course

Also, you can thrive on online free resources and discussion mediums like AV and kaggle to get ur clarifications.

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