What are limitations of tree diagram?



I am currently studying about tree diagram which is a method for the calculation of probilites of the combined event.

Here is the tree diagram for the toss of the two coin.

I really feel that it is one of the best ways to the calculation of combined probabilities of the event.I want to know is there any limitation of this method.


Decision trees in general are usually prone to overfitting i.e. they tend to create over-complex models which do not generalize well from training data.


The tree diagram is not related to decision trees - the comment about decision trees is not relevant. Tree diagrams are good for simpler probability statements, but when they get complex, they’re hard to read. I can’t, at the moment, think of a replacement besides simply laying out the math. Trees can help your math become more intuitive, though. There are graphical models, but they are more advanced, and not really what you would think they would be.