What are some good resources for text analytics in R




I am looking to learn text analytics with R like webscraping and then combining the results in a dataframe for further analysis in R.
But I am unable to find any good or complete resources for the same.
For example,there are many examples on the web showing for a single page but when I want to do it for more than 1 page I am unable to find any solid material.
So can someone please help me with good resources(free :slightly_smiling: )


Hi @pagal_guy

I just went though “Text Analysis with R for Students of Literature” it is from the test clustering side and corpus (style of writing etc …) but very good explanations of tm and other. Link to book, you will find the R scripts used there. Have a look it is worth it even if it is not too much about ML.

Not so good I have the book in paper format, so I can not share !! But perhaps you could find one electronic copy. Other document, which was important for me is about the modularity of tm, I have included the pdf below. There are other packages than tm for example Rtooltext or RWeka (specially for ngram) but all this is mentioned in the pdf attached.

Hope this help you.

AlainText Mining Infrastructure in R.pdf (583.9 KB)


THANKS A LOT @Lesaffrea !! :slightly_smiling: