What are some good resources to learn about ensemble learning


I am looking for some good resources(free) :slight_smile: to learn about ensemble learning(more specifically through R).Since there are loads of materials on the net I feel like in an ocean,and not being knowledgeable at all about it makes things more difficult as I seem to look at everything.So after going through a whole pdf I realise I have not gained much.
So if somebody can point me towards the right resources I would be thankful!!


I would suggest you to start with reading introductory articles, below I am listing well written articles on Ensemble modeling:

Addition to above articles, you can also refer below ebook.

I would also suggest you to look at the top 3 solution of archived Kaggle competitions and looked at the approach of Ensemble modeling. In most of the case, winner entry has solution using ensemble modeling techniques.

Hope this helps!



thanks a lot @Imran for the goldmine :smile:

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