What are some of the uses of the googleVis R package


I recently came to know about the package googleVis in R.All I could understand is that it is a great package to create and display interactive charts on the web.Other than that is there any other purpose that this package solves??

you can use it for making dynamic dashboards in places where data changes.

Primarily, it is a very good tool to make quick graphs to analyze results at multiple steps. The colors are inherently varied and you don’t have to painfully change every color for the graph to not be an eye-sore. The other important thing is that it includes all of the charts popularly used in business analytics. For one, a gauge chart is hard to find. It also has maps and is very easy to use. The following is a popular learning document for the package:

P.S: A very notable drawback is that it requires an internet connection to work.