What are some Unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms other than Clustering?




While studying about Unsupervised Machine Learning in which I read about the K-means clustering algorithm. I want to know more about unsupervised learning and what are some other unsupervised learning algorithms?

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Unsupervised machine learning algorithm refers to algorithms, where you do not have labelled data or you are not looking a predict a particular attribute. These models typically provide answers to business problems, when you just want to get a deeper understanding of the subject / market.

For example, the head of retail stores might ask an analyst that he is interested in understanding his customer better. Can he pull out various insights about the store customers? In this case, the answer which the customer is looking for is something like this:

There are broadly X types of customers, who we serve to. The first one has average age of — years, they live in a ----- family and have average income of -------. The second set of…

This is where unsupervised machine learning algorithms can come in play.

Apart from K-means, there are other clustering algorithms like hierarchical clustering and Gaussian model based partitioning.

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There is also: Memory Based Reasoning, Association Analysis (Market Basket Analysis), K-nearest neighbors, Self Organzing Maps: SOM (Kohonen Neural Networks).

In general: all exploratory analysis models


SOM is a special type of Artificial Neural Network used for clustering.


There is the SPADE algorithm for doing sequential pattern mining. eg. a customer who first bought a computer, then buys a antivirus software and then buys a printer.