What are the career options in Machine Learning and Computer Vision



HEY!, i am currently in my final year B.tech and have worked a bit on computer vision in python and have a little bit knowledge of machine learning can you tell me what are the options in these fields and how to pursue them


Hello Vasu!

There are plenty of opportunities in Data Science (R, Python, Machine Learning, Statistics, iOT), and there will be shortage of people in upcoming years in above fields.

Thank You!



To look at the future and career opportunities in machine learning/ deep learning, I think we should look at the future applications or needs. This will explain the demand of this domain in future.

Personalization: Currently e-commerce and search engines companies are focusing on personalised recommendation and it is working for both companies and users also. In future, this will spread across all domains like education, BFSI (partially now a days), Healthcare & Fitness, Real State,Automobile, News and I would say all domains which has direct and indirect impact on your life.

Mobile app revolution: Currently mobile apps are automating or accelerating human tasks at some extent and it will go beyond the our imagination. In future, these apps will take smart decisions on your behalf and start automating the regular and iterative tasks.

Language would not be barrier: We would have a real time speech translator that will enrich the communication between people of different regions.

Saving Energy: Currently energy saving or better utilisation is in top list of every government as this will lead to bigger worries in future if we will take a necessary action now. In future, we would have great IoT products that optimises the use of energy. It can be saving mobile battery life, domestic uses, energy transmission and many others.

I have listed the some application of machine learning, you can also look at this video "The Future of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence " to understand it more.

Hope this helps!



Hi @vasu_gupta,

Let’s think of this keeping in mind you future prospective;

Strengths you currently have

  • A bachelors degree, as you will attain in near future
  • It safe to assume you have good enough knowledge of IT, as you have worked in programming.
  • Knowledge of field you want to work in, as you said you know a little bit of ML.
  • And a yearning to improve yourself!. PS: you have asked in the right place!

Additional requirements of industry

  • You should have done atleast a few projects. These projects should be related to the work done in the field you are trying to grab opportunity in.
  • You should have showcased yourself in competitions. Took part in competitions viz. Datahacks, project competitions, etc.
  • A hands-on experience in the field, such as internships/workshops or bootcamps.
  • Good communication skill Ofcourse this should not be overlooked!

Now, I’d like to add a few points,

  • If you have the resources/connections available in your college, you should try getting a placement in a good company, because experience matters.
  • Try a little soul searching. Ask yourself, “what do you want to do after 5 years?” Then, try making an action plan and stick to it.

Data science is a ripe field at the moment, as @sainaresh81, has pointed out. If you are in the right place at the right time, you could get the fruits of your toils!

PS: The abiove answer is specific to industrial domain. If you apply in research, the requirements are different and the path to glory too is non-identical.