What are the Data Analysis tools that support data extraction from Word Documents?

I was assigned the Data Analysis part of an Intelligent Network research. It focuses on developing a Database System for Intelligent Networks. It’s based on the Big Data concept.

I was told to find some ELT(Extract-Load-Transform) tools to extract data (mostly unstructured data) from MS Word Documents for Data Analysis and Visualisation purposes. The tool should also integrate with a platform called Hadoop.

I’m new to this subject and I haven’t had any experience on Data Analysis/Visualisation or so called ELT tools before. I searched on the internet, but most of the tools I found focused on the ETL(Extract-Transform-Load) concept. They did not emphasise on the ELT concept much, and did not mention any option to extract data from Word Documents specifically.

Does anyone know any tools that can do all that?

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