What are the job responsibilities of a data analyst who do not have much programing knowladge?

Hello all,
i am beginner in the field of the data analyst.Previously I was working as mathematics faculty for the competetive exams like IIt JEE.

Currently i am looking for the change in my job from teaching to data analysis and machine learnig and deep learning. I dont have much programing knowladge, but i do have little bit.

currently i am learning by myself and taking help of some books.

I want to know what kind og job role do i get? or in other words what kind of work data analyst or data scientist do who are not highly expert in programing?

I hope my question is reasonable

@chirag.palan , the roles of Data Analysts and Data Scientists require critical thinking and mathematical skills much more than programming.

Modern libraries and frameworks and have drastically reduced the coding effort. Companies need people who can analyze large chunks of data and make sense of data.

So being strong in Maths( Statistics, Probability, Calculus, Linear Algebra) and having decent communication skills along with basic programming knowledge will take you a long way.

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