What are the pre-requisites to run fasttext on iPython notebook?



Hello everyone,
I am working on NLP and want to use python interface of fastText called fasttext. I have python 3.6 installed and am working on windows 10. I have cython package installed on my device. When I tried to use functions of fasttext, it is printing
Kernel is dead. It will restart automatically.

Can anyone help me fix this?


I am facing the same problem. Using Python 3.5. Whenever I try to call “skipgram” or “cbow”, the kernel dies. Input size is not the concern, since I tried with 3 sentences also.
Thanks in advance.


Hey @vikas_10 @lavidaloca ,

At the time kernel dies due to some error, you can still see the debug print to figure out what went wrong. To check this, see the terminal in which you have started your jupyter notebook.

If possible, share a screenshot here so that the community might be able to help you.