What are the various uses of Proc Format in SAS




I wanted to know if proc format is used only for reading in data in a user specified format or creating special formats for data or is there any other uses of proc format??



Yes…your are right, “Proc Format” is used for reading data of different format and creating output to specific format specially in case of date.

Additionally, you can use “Proc Format” can be used to perform other tasks like:

Creating a us er defined formats: Let’s say, we want to Display “MALE” and “FEMALE” instead of “M” and “F”, re-define categories A, B, C, D and E as Ultra, Super, Average, Low & Poor and display the frequency of numerical values to different categories “< 5000”,”5000-10000” and “>=10000”.

Efficient Data Merge: Proc format is very useful in efficient data merging. We have an option CNTLIN, that allows us to create a format from a data set rather than a VALUE statement and it helps in data merging.

To Know more or in detail about PROC Format, let’s look at this PROC FORMAT article.

Hope this helps!