What are top 10 Best Data Mining Tools that can replace SAS/SPSS?



Dear All,

Can you name top 10 (rank-wise) Best Free Data Mining Tools that can replace SAS/SPSS?


I am not sure there would be 10 strong free contenders.

Here are some I would add:

  1. R - Needs no introduction. Probably the best open source tool, which has made good inroads in last 3 - 4 years. Has huge community. Is limited by the RAM of your machine
  2. Python - One of the most popular programming language with powerful libraries for data science - SciPy, NumPy, matplotlib, pandas and scikit-learn
  3. Octave - Popularly known as open source version of Matlab.
  4. Julia - An open source language to bet big upon which promises simplicity of Python with computation time comparable to C / C++. The eco-system is still under development.
  5. Weka - A good GUI interface with a small community. You can also look at this learning path:
  6. Orange Canvas - Python based GUI driven, but lacks the community currently. Promising tool, if it picks up.

Other than these, language GO might come up quickly as it has backing from Google. Currently, there is limited application and supporting eco-system, but Google’s might can not be under-estimated!

Hope this helps


R, RapidMiner, STATISTICA and SPAD are also great tools


Statistica is an enabler tool that provides 16000+ functionalities, easy to use & results are just one click away. Comprehensive model management life cycle, reporting & documentation available within statistica. It also compliments open source languages such as R & Python with it’s integrated development environment.


Now R is available with Sql server 2016.