What are your thoughts on this article ? "Data Scientists are dead"




This article is been written by well known analytics speaker Jeffery Strickland.

Kunaal/ others, can you please input your thoughts on this article?



Not sure what to say…the heading looks like a marketing gimmick to me.

The only thing I appreciate is the confusion around the term data scientist, but there has been equal confusion about anlaytics and we have lived for years with it!


Hi @Mohammed,

The article might be from a well distinguished person in Analytics but there are some pretty loose points made,like the one where Database developers and Database Administrators have also been labelled as Data Scientists.Having worked in both the roles and knowing a thing or two about Analytics I can tell you that it is absolutely untrue.
Preparing the Database structure,writing stored procedures,administering a database is in no way the job of a Data Scientist.That would have made me a data scientist with 4 yrs of exp. :blush:
Sadly but truly that is not the case
And as @Kunal sir said the confusion about the term Data scientist exists and that I think is the main theme of the article.