What CSV file should we submit as solution to contests?



Hello. I am new here. I am participating in my first contest here (“Identify the digits”). I see that in the submission section, only CSV files are allowed to be submitted as solution file. My question is, which CSV file are we expected to submit? Is it the CNN model that I saved after training and testing? If so, I can’t find any way of saving a deep learning model as a CSV. I have only found ways to save it in YAML, or JSON, or HDF5, etc formats. Please advise.


@prashant09 you have to add the predicted labels for the filenames given in the test file and save it as a CSV file. This is what you have to submit. Let me know if you have any other doubt.


In each contest a solution sample file is given, you need to prepare the prediction of test data in that form and upload it as solution.