What does Analytics Vidhya mean to you?



Dear Avians,

As we turn 4 this April, we are sharing testimonials from our community. Tell us how has AV played a major role in changing your life & career.

Tell us what does Analytics Vidhya mean to you?

You can instances, competitions on AV which transformed your life.

Post your testimonials below.

We will be publishing them throughout the month of April.

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DATAFEST 2017 starts on 1 April !!

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Analytics Vidhya to me has been an exceptional support system.
As a beginner, it helped me like a baby walker helps a child walk. And later when I learnt to “walk” it helped me walk faster by acting like roller-skates or a bicycle :slight_smile:
From baby-walker to probably a rocket, I’m cherishing my journey in analytics and I owe it big time to Analytics Vidhya :thumbsup:

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