What is difference between bar graph and histogram?



I am currently studying about different plots while studying I encounter one problem what is difference between these plot.

Out of two ,one is bar graph and one is histogram . I want to know which of these plot is histogram and which one is bar graph and what is difference between bar graph and histogram.


hello @sid100158 ,

A histogram will give you the shape of the variable,whether it is normally distributed,skewed etc.whereas a bar graph will give you the frequency distribution according to the categories in the data.
Example:The iris data in R:


If we try to do the hist on categorical data:

> hist(iris$Species)
Error in hist.default(iris$Species) : 'x' must be numeric 

In this case we have to do a bar plot


A snapshot of the data for your reference:

Hope this helps!!



  • With bar charts, labels on the X axis are categorical and for histogram it is quantitative.
  • Other distinction, it is always appropriate to talk about the skewness of a histogram; that is, the tendency of the observations to fall more on the low end or the high end of the X axis.

Hope this helps!