What is difference between cyclic and drill down group in Qlikview?




I am new to Qlikview and recently and I started exploring it using Qlikview dashboard examples. In one of the example, they have used multiple dimensions in a single chart but it is showing one dimension at a time. When I click on cyclic group button it is automatically changing to another dimension.

I explored there is two options available to perform this one is cyclic group and another one is drill down. Can you help with the differences between these two options and which one is better compare to other?




Cyclic Groups are list of dimensions that can be switched between users whereas Drill down Groups are a hierarchical list of dimensions which allows users to drill down to more detailed levels of the data. Example: A common drill down path is Year --> Quarter --> Month --> Day. On the frontend, drill down groups are indicated with an upward arrow.

To create these groups below steps:

A) This groups can be created by going to Dimension tab of the chart object and after that click on Edit Groups.

B) Click on New button to create a group and after that select the dimensions. Here you also need to select the group type (cyclic or drill down) based on your requirement.(I have selected “Drill down”)

C) Press Ok and here you have dimensions are grouped in chart object.

Above you have noticed that arrow is vertical and if I you select cyclic group then it will look like cyclic arrow.