What is Github?


I search in wikipedia for what is Github i catch some information but a data analytic how can manipulate that especially for someone use R
please say some examples


@hossein_mortazavy, GitHub is a “social”, web-based repository for the Git version-control system. It’s not restricted to data analysis and can be used to store almost any file online (code, documents etc.). However it is most widely used for software projects. If you can, I’d recommend searching YouTube for Git/GitHub tutorials for beginners. Also, if you can access and participate in Coursera, I’d also recommend the first two courses from the Data Science Specialisation which deal with basic Git/GitHub and R, respectively.


dear @Anon
at the moment coursera Data Science Specialisation is not free!! and cant use it
do you think it will be free in future (because of the coursera goals)?


@hossein_mortazavy, you will have to pay only if you need a “verifified certificate” and want to complete the capstone project after passing all the individual courses. On the other hand, you are free to take the individual courses for free how many ever times you want and in any order (although it is recommended that you follow their course chart if you are not familiar with all the topics that they cover). At the end, if you cross the passing percentage, you will receive a certificate of accomplishment. Unless I’m mistaken all the courses on Coursera are free of charge (except when you want a verified certificate).


Git is a version control system. Github is a way for multiple people to work on same project by sharing code and then pulling requests and accepting changes.
Since R is open source many package owners first build packages on Github