What is the attribute type signify in naive Bayes model



I am currently studying about the naive Bayes classifier and while studying it I came across a attribute type which is vector of class and raw but I am unable to understand what they signify and how they affect the model in predication of more accurate result.


@harry- type attribute comes under package e1071 in R in this type has two value class and raw

raw-gives conditional a-posterior probabilities for each class are returned, and the class with maximal probability.

class-gives the probabilities of each class.

Hope this helps!


The predictions can be obtained in two forms

“raw” means it gives the raw posterior probabilities for each class
eg Class A = 0.3
Class B = 0.4
Class C = 0.3

“class” gives the class with maximum probability
eg Output here will be Class B because it has the maximum posterior probability.