What is the best book recomended for begineers in Machine Learning(preferrably in Python)?



Please suggest a good book for a beginner in data science using python, somewhere we can easily understand how the algorithm works in detail while still maintaining simplicity.


Data Science is a really broad field, I highly doubt you will find any book that covers reasonably well all the relevant aspects of its domain.

On the other hand, if you are talking about Machine Learning, then Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R, also known as ISLR, is a no-brainer. It’s by far the best ML book there is, and it’s free. Ok, it uses R for the coding examples, but it’s really easy to transition to Python with scikit-learn.


Hi PanduDon,

If you are interested in practical machine learning books in python. I want to suggest you to look this page.

Ankit Gupta


i think getting to one book wont be a good idea, if you really want to learn because while searching stuff you will be learning a lot more than learning from one book. Anyways Have you tried to follow path designed by AV

Hope it helps.