What is the Purpose of doing t test ,z test in machine learning

Hi ,
1.what is the purpose of doing z test ,or t test.
I mean after doing it how can we use the results of the test …

My thoughts abt the tests are…
please correct me … in the context of below assumptions I am trying to make.

We do z test or t test on the data we have.
To validate if the data we have is genuine or not.Can we make samples out of our data which are further used to build models and test models.

… it has also something to do with missing value imputations… since we are using mean, or mode most of the times…

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There are statistical tests used to infer about the population parameter. These tests compare the mean, variance between the data. This test forms the basic building block of ML.


thanq rajshukla … for the response and link…
pls help me with this… does t t test or z test or any other have some thing to do with missing value imputation… by this i mean when we are imputing the missing values with mean or,mode or any other( cause if we are trying to add more missing values this may affect the distribution …) … what happens to the test results after imputation… should we worry abt this at all?

no, at least not for mean/median/mode

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