What is the role of Data analyst/Business analyst?

As someone who is considering a move into this field, it sometimes is a little confusing to come across different terms referring to what might appear from the outside to be similar jobs. So my question pertains to the list [Analytics, Data Analysis, Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Science, …]. Do they actually refer to different roles? Or is it simply a matter of preference/fashion (‘buzzwordiness’) as to who uses what? If they do have different meanings, I would appreciate it if someone could provide brief descriptions.


This is a very broad question to answer. Some of these terms would refer to same thing and some would refer to other. It would also vary from context to context.

If you have any specific questions, it will help get a better answer.

That part quoted above is exactly what I would like come clarity on. The fact that, to a newbie, there many words floating around without much in the way of what they mean. As I said, a few lines on each would be helpful, at least something with which I can search for more information on the web. (Perhaps a topic for a blog post? ;))

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