What is your new year learning resolution?



Hi all,

2018 has been a year of tremendous growth for AI & ML and 2019 promises to be even more exciting. What are your plans for 2019 - what do you plan to learn this year? What would you want to achieve by end of 2019?

Looking forward to hearing from all of you.




would like to learn more tools like SQL, PL SQL


@kunal, Mid year of 2018 I started to learn data science from exactly zero (or rather-null value). Now I am equipped with knowledge on statistics, fair information of linear algebra, and basic R to Intermediate user.

My, 2019 year will be - jump to advance R user /by writing advance R function, by using shiny web app, familiar with markdown documents.
SQL-develop SQL skills
Math- develop multivariate calculus, algorithm thinking,
start to learn python and dive into deep learning.


I Would like to apply Machine Learning, Data Analysis knowledge, gained from online sources, as a data scientist in a company harnessing the power of Machine Learning to help business grow and make decisions that impact the customers and business itself. :slight_smile:
Moreover, learning Deep Learning using Keras and TensorFlow will also be in my resolution.


I am learning Data science from past 6 months through my PG Diploma program.
Although, I am learning concepts, applying it in hackathons & competition would be my new year resolution.

There are few things which I would like to keep doing is

  • Helping people having doubts regarding data science whic in turn increase my knowledge also.
  • Reading more research papers on different modeling techniques
  • Attending conferences, meetups to collaborate and network.


@tamal.sen Great to hear about your journey.

Have you started solving problems / challenges or doing projects? Would suggest to do that for at least a few projects before delving into deep learning.

Once you solve them - you should also share it with the community.


Way to go @VikasJangra - starting application of the ideas to solve problem is always great and gives the best results.

Looking forward to see more activities from you on the portal and community.



@Kartikeya-95 Where are you in the journey currently? Have you already started it? Or you plan to start it now?

If you are starting afresh, then I would give more time to practice ML on problems before diving into Deep Learning


@kunal I have already started Data Analysis & ML 3-4 months back and currently practicing on the datasets using python. I am also regularly reading the articles related to DS and ML. I want to change my career path as a data scientist. I will start applying for posts related to Data Science field in the first quarter of next year. Do you have any suggestions, like how should I start, What things I should focus on, or anything.

You are right regarding Deep Learning. I will start learning it after I will be proficient in ML.

Kartikeya Sharma


I want to get to learn how can models that I am building with my laptop memory get integrated with higher memory interfaces. Currently when I am dealing with huge datasets or when I working on DTMs/TDMs where matrices get created, the algorithms take a lot of time to run or do not finish getting implemented. How can this situation be addressed. Is it possible to link my codes with Cloud and similar services so that memory is not a concern. If yes, it would be a great help learn those techniques. Is there any such pedagogy through AV. Appreciate your help.



@kunal absolutely as you advised, solving problem on dataset will enhance my M/L skills. As of now I am focusing on M/L course in R, where course contents are focusing on techniques of data mining, and Different M/L algorithms. My next move will be practice, practice and practice and share my experience with the community and helping people, specially the beginners. :slight_smile:


@Kuna,l In this 2019 i have plan to start Data science from exactly zero do have any suggestions to me how to start is there any best course to Kick start.



Hi @Vish.kb.87,

You can check out Introduction to Data Science course which is designed for beginners who are planning to start their career in the field of Data Science. To view the details of the course, go through this link:


Just started to learn data science. Nov 5, 2018 I left my job to spend more time so that I can learn faster. 2019 is the most important year for me. I want to prepare myself within next 6 months and start a new career in data science.
I have a request, is it possible to form a group within Analytics Vidhya and assign a mentor for people like me who are serious about learning? I know people are helping individuals in this platform but forming a group may bring a good result. What I feel is we have enriched reading materials but transferring those into practical or real life data science is a challenge for us.