What kind of work culture does Fractal Analytics follow?



I have got an offer from Fractal Analytics and hence, I am inquisitive about knowing the kind of work culture they follow. Starting from teamwork, communication, growth, timings, dress code, the management and many more I would like to understand its every aspect in and out.



I would suggest you to contact/meet with a current employee of the company and ask for this information.

OR you can invite the recruiting HR rep for a coffee-meeting and ask some of your questions. If they are eager to get you in, they will answer your questions. If they decline your request, then it will raise other questions about the company.


Hey this is Imran here. I have been a part of Fractal before hence I am quite aware about its work culture. Fractal has an amazing work culture. People here are very helpful and talented. In Fractal employees get a lot of opportunities to grow professionally. Here employees are valued the most.

Pros of Fractal Work culture:

  • High sense of ownership: Employees are given the freedom to be their own owner and handle the tasks. The output of the task entirely depends on the employee and hence cultivates a sense of responsibility.

  • Learning at its peak: People at fractal always learn no matter whichever position they serve in the company.

  • High employee satisfaction: Fractal provide their employees their own space and comfort which makes them stay satisfied.

  • Flexi timings and virtual work environment– Fractal has given the freedom to the employees to work at their own ease until the work is being done properly and in time.

  • Leaves – Employee can be flexible to leaves till it doesn’t hamper the proceedings of the company.

Cons of Fractal Work culture:

  • Company policies change frequently.

  • Too much of peer pressure exists and the atmosphere can become very competitive.

  • Sometimes attention gets diverted from major goals and pressure increases when irrelevant parameters get added like content creation, client sales pitch.

  • Overall, Fractal is a good option for any one wanting to pursue a great career in Analytics.

You can refer this article where the CEO of Fractal Analytics has been interviewed.