What protocol should I use for LoadRunner when recording Oracle's Primavera P6 PPM?


LoadRunner/VUGen version: 9.5

Oracle Primavera P6 PPM version: 7.0.0

I used the protocol analyzer already. It recommends COM/DCOM, LDAP, Win Sockets.

I already tried recording my script using the following protocols:

All recommended protocols (combined, individually). I get an error on buffer5 (at load time) and it quits.
All three Oracle protocols (combined, individually) nothing worked. Some didn’t even record anything.
A combination of one or more Oracle protocols with Win Sockets (results were the same as 1)
I looked on the HP.com site (kb, forums, etc) and got nowhere; An HP rep recommended Win Sockets (but that is the one giving me errors so I am not sure he understood the question or looked into it too hard.)

Any hints/tricks of what protocols I should use to record/replay?

Thanks in advance.