What questions should I ask the employer before considering an Analytics Job Offer?



What questions should I ask the employer before considering an Analytics Job Offer:

  1. Working Time
  2. Office Location
  3. Designation, Role and Job Description
  4. About Client and Domain
  5. Name and Designation of Manager
  6. Onsite Opportunity
  7. Different Brand/Role Levels inside the organization
  8. Yearly Increment Policy (join mid year or when should I join to get salary increment in the next year?)
  9. Promotion Policy
    10… What are the Different Salary Components (like HRA, Conveyance Allowance, …etc)
    11… Is there any Shift Allowance, Daily Travel Allowance or Monthly/Quarterly Bonus/Allowance in addition to the Total CTC ?

Dear All, share/add more questions to be asked before joining an organization or considering an analytics job opportunity…


Suppose I have just TAKEN an interview and I have made the offer. I generally will ask ANY QUESTIONS before the Offer is made.

This is the time you need to take care. Your questions tell me, the Interviewer, your priorities in life, how much you want money versus learning new things,and your logical thought process and your maturity and common sense. Most of the questions above are best answered by either the HR or informally known from people working there.

What you dont want is SURPRISE after joining. So ask this broad question- What will I do on a typical work day and from what time - eg 9 am come to office 10 am have a meeting. This will put the interviewer at ease


Among other general questions, here are a few specific ones related to analytics:

  1. What is expected out of the role – Analysis or reporting?
  2. Ask for a recent project done be person in the role
  3. How big is the analyst community? Can you talk to them? Do you know some one?
  4. Which function does the position / team report to?
  5. If it is replacement hiring, why did the last person leave? (or) 5. If it is a new team / setup, what is the vision / goals for the team?

You can find a more detailed article about these questions here: http://www.analyticsvidhya.com/blog/2013/09/analytics-job-5-questions/