What should a fresher (planing a career in analytics) opt from these elite institutes?



Hey kunal,
I am a BE(IT )fresher graduated this year,with zero industrial experience
here i’ll like to know your stand on these following institutes & programs offered by them

  1. Great lakes institute of management
  2. Praxis
  3. MISB Bocconi
  5. SP Jain school of global management
  6. CDAC

According to internet resources it appears that the great lakes and the MISB Bocconi both require a minimum of 2 yr exp that is why i am not talking much about it bt please shrare anything about them if worth helping. Though Praxis sounds much promising as per your review about the whole program ,i would like to know how is it when compared to INSOFE’s CPEE program(a 6 months course) as it is well recognized globally and also has an excellent faculty.
I would also like to know about the new player SP Jain school of global management’s BDAP program that starts this september,well the course content seems similar to me at first glance when compared to Praxis,but need your opinion over this as mine would be a naive perspective .I’ll also like if you throw some light over the CDAC’s DBDA course.
Your opinion over these institutes and the courses offered by them based on the factors like course content, placement ownership,industrial acceptance/weightage of these certificates and final output is the major deciding factor in taking the right step in the field of analytics career.
Looking up for you reply;)



Very relevant question, which most of the starters in the industry would be facing. Here is my take from the perspective of a fresher:

  1. Great lakes & MISB Bocconi - Both of them should be out of consideration. Both the programs are aimed towards working professionals and not freshers.

Now you are left with 4 options in the consideration set:

  • Praxis
  • SP Jain Global Management
  • CDAC

Let us look at the offering, pros and cons for each of them:

  1. Praxis Business School - Offers a year long course (9 month class room followed by 3 month internship), good faculty and owns the placement for the students. The course content is comprehensive and the cost is relatively low as well. Here is a detailed review about the course: http://www.analyticsvidhya.com/blog/2015/04/review-business-analytics-post-graduate-program-praxis-business-school-kolkata/ On the flip side, the brand is not as known as S.P.Jain.

  2. INSOFE CPEE - You should consider this only in case you are planning for a career outside India. Even in that case, making it abroad through INSOFE is still a matter a chance.

  3. S.P.Jain school of Global Management - They are the new entrance and obviously bring in a lot of experience in management education. This is there first year of operation and like every one in the game, the course will evolve over time. The cost of the program is on the higher side compared to other options. The content looks comprehensive, but it is slightly early to comment on the program as it has still not started. At this stage, you are betting on the repute of S.P.Jain to deliver.

  4. CDAC - Being backed by Government of India, this looks like the most cost effective option. However, the program looks very intensive for a 6 month period. It almost feels like they have crunched a year long program in 6months, which makes me think how much time and emphasis would you have to gain hands on experience. Also, looking at the placements, the focus seems to be on Big Data infra / IT side of things and the placements look to be on the lower side as well (1.5 - 6.5 Lakhs)

I think it boils down to following questions at your end:

  1. How much resource do you have?
  2. What are your backup options?

If you have the resources, the choice boils down to S.P.Jain vs. Praxis. If not, CDAC looks to be the most effective option.

One other option could be the joint course offered by IIT Kharagpur, ISI Kolkata and IIM Calcutta. You can see my views here: PGDBA from IIT + IIM C + ISI vs. Praxis Business School PGPBA

Hope this helps.



Hello Kunal & Abhijit !!

I have a small doubt. I m a mechanical Engineer with one and half years experience in the field of construction. To change my career path I found Business Analytics as one of the growing field. So, gave my written test and interview at Praxis, cleared it and all set to take admission in the school. Now, going through the internet, I have come across INSOFE. What do you think, should I try for INSOFE or blindly join Praxis?
Also given my completely irrelevant background to this course, what package can I expect at Praxis?

Looking forward for your valuable inputs to clear my mind and focus !!!



If you pick a course based on pass out package you are in the wrong place. Pick what will help you gain knowledge and potential to give you a break in a career or career path.

INSOFE or Praxis, it does matter what you do there before you pass out.


Hi @shoneet15

I have my test and interview for praxis, Could you please help me with key points and the overall experince?


Are you a fresher? Why do you want to choose praxis. What other institutes did you consider. Provide some details to help with your answer.

To be fair, getting into these institutes will not be a problem but you really need to understand what you are going after?

Please do explain to guide further.


i have more than 2years of experience in the field of IT. Iam currently
working as a IBM mainframe programmer and deal with data management.
i liked praxis becoz it gives a full-time campus based learning opportunity.
in my future i tend to explore more in the field of data management and
will this fetch me a Managerial post some years down the line?


If you are looking to switch streams also be ready to start from the ground. If that is the case some full time institutes help. But demand is such that i have heard more positive news on part time courses which provide placements. There is no guarantee there but take it for example, great lakes has placed quite a bunch of students and are getting specific opportunities sent to students. How do i know, i have a friend who is taking up a course there.

Take full time only if you are absolutely new to this field. If you have hands on experience in say R, SAS or Python, look for short term courses like sp Jain (6 months i think) or weekend courses or even those campus+online great lakes like courses.

Always look for who the lecturers and professors are while deciding these courses. Having good lecturers and professors will out beat good school with mediocre staffs.

Ask for linked in profile details of each professors. See what kind of qualification they come with. Industry experience is fine but many industry experts have no deep understanding of concepts. Any of these data analytics course look for the emphasis on stats and how much detail these courses get into and who the professor is.

The rest of the subjects, are ALL available in you tube, online and whole lot of contents everywhere that you just need time and energy to practice everyday.

In short -

Full time course

  • Some school provide placements. Praxis provides enough oppurtunity for students at this point.
  • reach out to current students to understand how different branches of those schools work
  • specifically ask for who the lecturers are its ok to take a judgmental view on their qualification.
  • do not rush into decision, discuss in detail with different profiles of students so u can get what you want

My suggestion - Fresher, 1-2 year experience wanting to get into this field should look at full time. But who takes stats matters and how the course curriculum is designed matters.

Part time courses

  • I am including courses like great lakes, iims etc.
  • what you gain is seniors being part of the course. There by direct interaction with potential employers.\
  • Higher visibility of your skills to market simply because these executive programs are taken by senior members.
  • Indirectly chances of getting placed is higher as well.
  • May not offer confirmed placement.

Meant for those who want to learn analytics, use current organization to move into the field and build a career from there. The reason i say is, it provides platform for you to practically apply what you learn and some of the institutes have some of the best PHD’s in the field of specialization.

Think, discuss with current students and then take a decision. Dont rush!!!.


Hello rishu,
The written round consists of general aptitude. Then they might ask you to
write an essay followed by personal interview. The overall process isn’t
that though.

Cheers !!


hi… thanks for your reply i got my call letter from Praxis.
can you share ur experience from learning and placement point of view…i
have read lot of positive reviews online…bt still it would be great help
if you could share ur experience.
and what package i can expect after completion of the 1year program,
already having more than 2years wrkexperience.


hey congrats… i would like to know are u joining?
i also got the offer letter but confused right now


@rishu272 hey congrats… i would like to know are u joining?
i also got the offer letter but confused right now…


Hi Kunal, I have a similar doubt.
I have completed my BE (2013) and completed my M.Tech(2016), currently working as Asst. Professor in a college. I want to work in IT industry and wanted to know which course has a better future and stable.
I saw an ad about insofe about data science analytics and contacted them about the course. I read few of the reviews about them which were mixed.
I am confused about which direction to choose, can you help me?


Hey pachi,I am in a similar situation.can u help me out about insofe?
How are the placements and AVG package for a person with 2 yr experience in civil engineering?


hi, i did not join Praxis. sorry cannot help you with it.


hie recently i got call and i came to know about Hyderabad school of Artificial Intelligence . They were offering Full day full time program in Ai with Data science for 4 Months with placements MOU that if they fail to provide Interviews on certain conditions they will be refunding half amount . i want to review of that program ?


hello varun
with question to Hyderabad school of Artificial Intelligence
i joined in previous batch . Firstly its just training Institution not any big college . we have taught every concepts from start to end like R to deployment on AWS . Even in bigger premium institutes you will not find covering topics like chatbots , self organising maps , optimisation techniques and few more . They were offering even with less course fee covering vast topics . we done simple POC on Speech . I bet no one teaches speech topics .
Coming to placement . teaching assistants will evaluate our learning every week with tests . They make you prepare with all the skills so its became easy for our batch to get placed . Even few did not get they failed to attend classes and few dropped .

My suggestion was need not spend too much on the course where you will be getting with very low fee with placement and good quality of teaching .