What should be the salary for 10 yrs analytics experienced guy?



Dear All,

What should be the minimum, maximum and average salary for a candidate with 10 years of Analytics Experience?



The exact number will vary from company to company, role to role, experience of the person and by definition of Analytics. Also, I am assuming that you are looking at this in Indian context.

Here are a few pointers which might help:

  1. Salary of a person who has been in reporting / MIS role for 10 years would earn any where between 7 Lakhs - 14 Lakhs. Possibly with an average around 10

  2. Salary of a person with 10 year Stats / Predictive modeling would vary between 25 Lakhs - 50 Lakhs. Average should be around 30 - 35 Lakhs p.a.

Disclaimer: These are from my experience for people in metro cities. The numbers might change basis the cost of living in various cities.



Thanks a lot, Kunal, for sharing the figures. Yes I meant for Indian context and Stats/Predictive Modeling experienced.