What should one learn after working on tableau


what should one learn after having worked on tableau


Hi @Chetan_Kulkarni,

Have you completed all the steps of Tableau Learning Path? If yes I would recommend you to look out for competitions like this and this to test your expertise and showcase your talent.

Even when you have mastered a skill, learning never stops. There’s always something you can learn everyday. Participate in communities and help beginners through their difficulties. Use your skill for your well-being as well as others. Good luck!


Hi @jalFaizy

thanks for the suggestion. i wanted to know what all in addition to tableau is required. Like should i be learning Hadoop or Should i be Learning an ETL tool. My aim is to make a career in Data science.


Hi Chetan,
Tableau is more focused on the data visualization side, if you want to learn more related to Data Visualisation start working on messy data from open repository, do the data cleaning using R , python etc. Later work on Feature engineering of the data, after the data cleaning and processing you can visualize the data using Tableau.

for the Data Science Field start learning Statistics, R or Python or any programming language, take part in Analytics competition. Focus more on Machine learning techniques.
I hope this will help you build your career in analytics.