What the values of prob and votes signifies in boosting



I am currently trying to implement the boosting on rpart classifier in one question .I have created the model and predictor but when I am looking into predictor I am getting two attributes votes and prob but I am not able to understand what they signifies.

sub <- c(sample(1:50, 25), sample(51:100, 25), sample(101:150, 25))
iris.adaboost <- boosting(Species ~ ., data=iris[sub,], mfinal=10)
iris.predboosting<- predict.boosting(iris.adaboost, newdata=iris[-sub,])

this code generates the values of prob and votes.



Please see this:

votes signify the number of trees which have assigned the same class to the observation and the prob is the total proportion of votes received.
I hope the image above helps you understand.