When does the Private LB gets published


Hi. can someone guide me on when the Private LB gets published? the WNS Hackathon finished almost 11 hours back at 12AM IST on 9/17/2018. Does it take a few days before the private LB is published?


The private LB will be published by 12:30 pm today. (This will be subject to code review)


Thanks for quick revert…does AV deploy similar techniques to identify cheaters (people who do not follow rules of competition) like Kaggle does before finalizing the Pvt LB? This maybe a dumb question…but this is my first time on AV so thought of asking.



We have checks in place that takes care of these issues.


Cool…thanks for the quick reverts :grinning:


Hi @sandy1112,

The Private Leaderboard is live now.