When I submit answer my score didn't show



I tried submit my answer then process panel pop up several seconds. Then disappeared with nothing happen. Anyone know how to fix this.


@Geru_San - I would request you to reload the page or wait for some time if still you are not able to submit please let us know.

Hope this helps!



I tried reload page but nothing appeared.



I uploaded my file but it says my score is 0.0. But im getting 0.811 score.Please help me with this.


@Gunasekaran, could you send the file faizankshaikh at gmail ?


sure i will send it now


Hi @Gunasekaran,

The problem with your submission is that the target should be Y/N instead of 1/0.

The first five rows should look like this,

Loan_ID	Loan_Status
LP001015	Y
LP001022	Y
LP001031	Y
LP001035	Y
LP001051	Y

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