Where can i get sample data/case studies for Customer Analytics(Cross Sell/Up Sell)



Hello everyone,

This is Rajesh, from hyderabad. I recently joined as Data Analyst in a company. Here am using “Portrait Miner Suite” by Piney Bowes. Its exclusively for Customer Analytics. I need to work on a case study and present it to the client.

Where can i get sample data sets for Cross Sell & Up Sell modelling / Response Modelling for Campaign Marketing.

I would be glad if anyone can provide me some inputs to find proper data.



Hi Rajesh,

Nice to know that you are using the Portrait Miner suite by Pitney Bowes. There are many other softwares available

As a sample data set, you can use this sample.csv (55.9 KB)

Let me know if you are looking for something else



Hi @anantguptadbl

Could you please repost the sample data used to develop a cross sell and up sell model?

Many thanks.

Best regards

Ivo Vieira