Where can one access the code for the lead solutions to McKinsey's hackathons - July 20-22, 2018?


Dear Sir,
thank you for your amazing work in popularizing data science among the interested researchers. As a academic research, I was very impressed by the hackathons that you have been organizing recently. As a learning opportunities for me and my students, I would like to kindly ask if it would be possible to share the code of the lead participants so that my students could learn from the best examples of data science analysis? In alternative, how could one contact the leaders in the hackathon competitions?
Thank you for your attention.
Best regards,


Hi @filipponeri,

Refer this blog post on the McKinsey hackathon. This article covers a few approaches shared by the participants.


Dear @AishwaryaSingh,
thank you a lot for your consideration. Yes the blog post content is very appealing. I read it and it was the motivation why I asked to learn more about the participants’ solutions. The blog post in fact just give some general ideas (use an ensemble approach, for instance) about how to get in a lead position among participants but unfortunately it does not provided full details so that one can redo the experimentation.
Without being able to redo the experimentation, one cannot prove the claims made by others. That’s why they are called data science-tist.