Where should I now join the analytics course? Look forward to your guidance


Hello Everyone,

I have got an offer to join the post graduate program in Business Analytics (PGPBA)from Praxis,Kolkata.I also have GD-PI for colleges like TAPMI,IMI etc.
I am having an exp of 4 yrs in TCS and a certification in Foundation Analytics from Jigsaw Academy.
I am specifically interested in making my career in Analytics and hence Praxis seems to be a good option as it is the only college offering a full time course and their placements are also good.
But I am confused between MBA vs PGPBA.
Any guidance on this matter is greatly appreciated.



The decision of MBA vs. PGDBA should ideally be driven by what you want to do and what kind of role do you want to pursue in future. If you want to be a data scientist / business analyst, who enjoys slicing / dicing data and gathering insights, the you should go for PGDBA. If you want to be a consultant / sales person, may be the MBA degree would help more.

Among the options you have mentioned, Praxis is the most promising. They have shown a lot of ownership to get candidates placed with their industry partners. Also, a full time programme means, you come out with the best possible learnings over the year.

Hope this helps.



Do you enjoy coding or do you enoy insights. That is what can help you decide. Remember you can gain analytics tools later on, but business models are best done in a MBA. However it all depends on you and more importantly how good or bad is the faculty in a topic than the topic itself.


MS in Analytics from US or PGDBA from IIM C+ISI Kolkata + IIT Kharagpur

Hi Kunal,

Thanks a lot for your detailed and well tailored reply.I really appreciate your guidance.
I have made up my mind to join the course from Praxis as it is the most comprehensive course I could find in India.Also since I have 4 yrs of exp as an Sql Server Developer I think that will also be of help.
Again,thanks a lot!!
Also,thanks for creating AnalyticsVidhya.The learning through it is really great and informative to say the least. :smile:


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HI Shuvayan / Kunal,

How is the program from praxis? and how different would MS in BA or PGDBA be different from MBA in analytics in terms of job profiles and pay ?




We are publishing a detailed review on Praxis shortly.

Let me know, if you have any specific questions about Praxis after that.



Alright Kunal,

Looking forward to it.



The review is now live: http://www.analyticsvidhya.com/blog/2015/04/review-business-analytics-post-graduate-program-praxis-business-school-kolkata/

Let me know, if you still have any specific query.