Where to download the data sets?

Does anyone know where to download the testing and training data sets used in the link below?

There is no link to data set and this post is 4 years old - data set may not exist.

Some columns look similar to “Practice Problem: Loan Prediction III” but they are not the same.

Variable Description
Loan_ID Unique Loan ID
Gender Male/ Female
Married Applicant married (Y/N)
Dependents Number of dependents
Education Applicant Education (Graduate/ Under Graduate)
Self_Employed Self employed (Y/N)
ApplicantIncome Applicant income
CoapplicantIncome Coapplicant income
LoanAmount Loan amount in thousands
Loan_Amount_Term Term of loan in months
Credit_History credit history meets guidelines
Property_Area Urban/ Semi Urban/ Rural
Loan_Status Loan approved (Y/N)

I think you could try to use this data set or any other data set.

I was able to download the train and test.csv files at Kaggle. I’m having a different problem with this tutorial. I’m getting a NameError ‘data_col’ not defined. And it looks like it isn’t defined. Is there a preferred column to set this to or will any that I decide to set it to work? Thanks for your help.