Where to get SAS for personal computer and best formal coaching institute for learning SAS or R


Hi All,

My name is Avnish Grover, and I have just started learning and knowing about analytics and tools that are used for it. So, I really want to start leaning about R and SAS, following are my queries:-

1,) From where can I download SAS 9.4(licensed), not the university edition. Because its is of 1.6 gb and I cant download it in one sitting. SO, any torrent link anything. Though I have downloaded R and learning it through online tutorials.

2,)Secondly, What are the best formal learning centers for R and SAS in Delhi.

3.) And are there any other things that i should start working on, as a newbie and a college student.



  1. If you are looking for a pirated copy, please refrain from sharing these resources here. You can download SAS University edition using a download manager.

  2. Are you looking for online or offline courses?

  3. Learn one tool quickly and start applying to problems and datasets. Keep it simple and don’t try too many things.




  1. Sir, I would never share any pirated source of download. Thank you for “download manager” tip.
  2. I am looking for offline courses. Like though I am from economics background but I have had coaching in C and C++ so I know about making functions and programmes, if it helps. So looking for some coaching centers like niit or etc. who give certified coaching in R or SAS
  3. Thank you so much for the advice.



  1. you can also try WPS if you want a cheaper yet legal version of software using SAS language
    SAS University Edition is really good but download is a pain . So best is to use download accelarator, and a fast broadband connection. I had many many issues downloading it too.

  2. you can see weekendR for offline coaching . I know it trains in R and SAS offline in Delhi

  3. have you tried code academy for learning python



  1. At last I have downloaded it. Ya it was a pain in the ass, but worth it.
    2.Thank you so much for this suggestion, I am gonna check it out.
  2. I haven’t give a much thought on learning python. Should I ? Is Python necessary for learning SAS and R, because I have learnt c and c++. So ?


No python is not necessary for learning SAS and R. It is very different

C and C++ are useful but Python (especially Pandas) is much more useful for learning for analytics.