Whether to go for r or python or sas first as beginner


Hii kunal sir,
I have completed my B.E electrical in 2014 and worked as electrical engineer for 1.8 years till june 2016,now i left the job and want to switch over to analytics…so want to kno whether to go for R first or SAS first or Python ,according to the present market senario and job prospective.
And should i go with eduprestine pune or ims proschool pune.

Machine learning using SAS vs Python

Before anything, let me tell you that I have no idea of what the indian analytics market looks like. Having said that, here are my thoughts:

  • SAS is dying fast. It’s still on demand, but most likely due to legacy reasons or is what the team knows.
  • R and Python are the way to go. I personally like Python more, because it’s much easier to introduce it in a production environment, and the packages are more coherent. That said, R is still the more popular choice for analytics. I favor Python, but you can’t go wrong with either (or both).

To conclude, here is an interesting survey about SAS vs R vs Python: http://www.burtchworks.com/2016/07/13/sas-r-python-survey-2016-tool-analytics-pros-prefer/


Thank you so much sir…


I think first learn R, it is much easier than Python. once you are confident with R programming learn python because python is easily scalable to the real time scenarios and integration is easier.


Interesting question

SAS - for descriptive statistics and basic data exploration

R - for modelling and managing data

Python - Probably for text analytics with spark. But python is what many will recommend.

R and Python may be easy to adapt if you know one. Sas requires license and the university edition has some drawbacks.

SAS is heavy on RAM and so is R but almost you will feel R is doing it faster for many basic stuffs.

R and Python community support is fantastic while sas may be tough to crack a problem(unless you have a license where sas support is second to none)


“SAS - for descriptive statistics and basic data exploration”

SAS can do much more than what is mentioned here…