Whether to learn R or Python?



I am a MBA graduate, Which one should I learn (Python or R) to get a an entry level job as an data analyst in India?

What should I learn? R or Python?

@elizabeth_susan Currently in India, SAS is the most commonly used tool by data analysts. So, from job perspective, that might be the best tool to learn.

However, it is not open source (although it offers a free version of the tool). If you have to decide between Python and R for data analysis, R would have more presence. It might be more difficult compared to Python, but holds bigger market share when compared to Python.

You can read this article for more details:

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Hi Kunal,

Can you suggest me a good book or course to learn R and statistics. I mean to learn basic statistics such as experimental design, annova, ztest etc. I dont want to learn linear regrssion, or logistic regression. Just the basic concepts. in R



This is one of the best books for Introductory Statistics with R


Learn R - it is more widely used in data analysis in India. Try this for learning R https://www.datacamp.com/



Hi, Can you tell me the difference between R and R studio? And from where can I download R studio and SWIRl?


download R here http://cran.r-project.org/

R is the language and the software

download RStudio here http://www.rstudio.com/products/rstudio/download/
RStudio is just an IDE ( it helps make a better more user friendly interface over R. But its like a wrapper)

Install swirlstats like this http://swirlstats.com/students.html

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Thank you so much @ajay_ohri. Thanku for your help.


you are most welcome


The ‘R Programming’ course from Coursera was very helpful to me. And it’s free!