Whether to switch from SAS to R and Hadoop or not?



I’m a business analyst working on SAS and now aspiring to learn R and hadoop as well.Will it be a good option for my career?


Hi Pawadh,

I too worked on sas in starting of my career and later moved on to learn R , Python and Big Data.
Only thing which didn’t changed is the data mining techniques. Most of the algorithm’s which we apply for our model building are decades old . So, What makes this field so lucrative and hot these days?
What companies expect from us ?

  1. An Analyst who can juggle between different tools and techniques to finally reach to some actionable insights.
  2. Someone who have Good statistics knowledge, good aptitude,hands on on multiple tools.

So, its not a disadvantage to have knowledge on multiple tools, because if you see, lately , open source
like R and Python are much talked and most of the new companies work on it .

I would suggest you to learn as much it is possible , because no one knows , in what company and in what project , what it will require ??