Which analytics certificate program - ISB or online course from University of California Irvine extension


Hi All,

I am planning to go for a certificate program in analytics and have cleared the written test for ISB (waiting for interview now). I have 10 plus years of experience in DWBI domain along with project management and currently working in Singapore.

Couple of days back a friend of mine introduced me to 2 online courses from University of California Irvine extension (Data Science certificate and Predictive analytics certificate). These courses being offered in pure online format. If I take up ISB course I will have to think about the logistics as well (travelling to HYD every other month). I am not worried about the financial aspect of this however the time I need to spend away from office may not go well with my management. Financial commitment for both these courses is almost same.

Please share your views about the value addition each of these courses can do? If you have attended any of these please share the experience as well.



I think the answer to the question depends on what you want to do after this course. If you are looking to pick up a job / better role in India as a result of this course, ISB is a more recognized brand in India. However, if you want to do outside India, UCal Irvine might be a more recognized name.

If taking up a better role is not a decision criteria, I think online course will provide more flexibility and you cna do lot more in the same time, but offline provides a more tangible human interaction and networking with similar peer group.

So, at the end of the day, it depends on what you want out of the course.

Hope this helps.