Which are the Big Data Startups in India



Which are the Big Data Startups in India?

Big Data has become integral part of multinational companies. It has largely benefited their business cycles and top-line growth. In a world of start-ups too, big data didn’t remain behind.
We’ve seen number of big data startups rising day by day. Moreover, some of these startups are backed by the top investors of the country. Here is a list of some Big data startups along with their locations. If you know more analytics / data science startups, please add them in comments below. The moderators will use the input to keep this list updated.

Qubole : Bangalore
Flytxt : Trivandrum, Mumbai
Crayondata : Chennai
Sapience : Pune
Ideal analytics : Kolkata
Formcept : Bangalore
IQR Consulting data analytics : Gujurat
StatLabs : Bangalore
PromptCloud : Bangalore
Axtria: Gurgaon
V3C data analytics : Noida
Guavas : Gurgaon, Ahemdabad
Metaome : Bangalore
Gramener : Bangalore, Hyderabad
Flutura : Bangalore
Convergytics : Bangalore
Machine Pulse: Mumbai
Aureus Analytics : Mumbai
Peel works: Mumbai
AnalyticsOne : Kolkata
Decision Craft : Ahmedabad
Manthan Systems : Bangalore
Iqlect : Bangalore
Saama: Pune

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