Which Business Analytics Program is Better - SP Jain's Business Analytics Program or MISB Bocconi's?



Hello There!

I have 4 years of work experience in Business Intelligence. I have worked on tools like Tableau, Qlikview, Excel and know basic Matlab. I now want to enter the core business analytics for which I want to earn a pg degree in business analytics. While, I was searching for the best business analytics courses in India, I came across two business analytics courses: SP Jain’s Executive Program on Business Analytics and MISB Bocconi’s Executive Program in Business Analytics.

At this point, I am very confused about these courses. I live in Mumbai. Both these program very much lies in my range. But I am not sure which I should I take. Both these programs have almost similar offerings, and are about to begin in few months time, I think so. SP Jain has international exposure which lacks in MISB Bocconi’s program. But should I pay heed to that?

Can someone please enlighten me on these courses?
Thanks in advance.


I found a very interesting article on why an IIM professor enrolled for the Bocconi EPBA programme. “I looked at a couple of the other popular courses like IIM-L and Great Lakes, in addition to Bocconi and compared their curriculums. I found that Bocconi was the only one where one actually gets:

(a) The integration of Big Data with analytics and

(b) The actual hands-on approach to learning Big Data technologies like hadoop, pig, hive etc.”
Link: http://analyticstraining.com/2015/adjunct-faculty-at-iim-enrolls-for-jigsaw-misb-executive-program-in-business-analytics-learn-why/
I don’t know much about SP Jain’s program, however, international faculty from Italy come down to Bocconi’s Mumbai campus to teach for the EPBA. Given your background, I feel that the Bocconi EPBA with faculty from the top 7 b-school in the world and Jigsaw Academy consistently rated #1 in India is surely going to be a great experience.


@deepak_wns Hi Deepak, have you joined any one of the programs?