Which course is better for making a career shift to analytics?



Which course is better for making a career shift to analytics, having 4 years of non-analytics experience ? PGPBA course in Great Lakes or EPBA Bocconi (along with Jigsaw Academy) . EPBA is a new course but covers Big Data and analytics unlike the PGPBA course that covers only analytics.


Hi Poornam,

The following threads might give some idea on the programs that you are looking for.





thank you for the links. Considering i would like make a career shift to analytics, which course is better given that the syllabus covered by EPBA MISB Bocconi is much more(Big data is included) compared to PGPBA ,Great Lakes. However, the MISB program is a new course compared to Great Lakes Program.


Dear Poornam,

I would not be the right person to suggest you one between these two institutes. Though I had attended an another full time programme on Analytics in the past, I do not personally analyze different programmes. I would hence request someone else or Kunal sir to answer this question.

However I feel that the above two links provided would suffice to get a good idea on what you can expect from them.