Which institute provides training(or diploma or PG) in business analytics for someone from commerce background


One of my cousin , who recently completed his graduation in commerce background (BCom) , wants to change his field and move into analytics.
He is pretty good in mathematics and statistics , and he loves to play with numbers.
However , given the fact that he is from commerce background , he has absolutely no idea about any sort of programming.
Are there any institutes in India , which provide PG or diploma in Business Analytics for someone from commerce background and no working experience.?



I think that given his background, he should look at courses / career options based in Financial analytics. Enjoying play with numbers is one thing and spending days slicing and dicing data is another. He can go for a CFA and might find a better fit there.

While there might be institutes who would not restrict a person from Commerce background, it will be hard to get them placed at a later point. Of course, nothing is impossible, but the chances to get in pure play analytics are rare for a Commerce grad with no experience only on the basis of a course / training.



Thanks a lot, Kunal sir, for the detailed response.
If he go for masters degree in business analytics, will that be helpful?
Also,Can you suggest some good options for financial analytics (as you said).